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Hottest Christmas Gifts for Mom 2018

Posted on September 30 2018

"What are we going to get Mom this year?" "She's So Hard to shop for." "She say's She Doesn't want anything, ugh" 
We have the PERFECT gift for The MOM, AUNT or WIFE in your life.

Being a Mom and Wife, as well as having a picky mom myself, I know that gifting can be a challenge. My mom is really hard to shop for, I found myself trying to out do last years gift, year after year. MK purses, Gift Cards, things I thought she wanted, but was not positive, because if your mom is anything like mine, she isn't specific about wanting anything. I was searching for a solution last year and had an idea.
Customized Gift Boxes.
Last year we produced GC Mom Boxes for Christmas.
These were a HUGE HIT.
You can choose from 5 DIFFERENT size boxes. (cost from $45- $200) 
This allows for a small gift to be sent, or maybe just a medium sized gift, or a HUGE surprise for mom. Our smallest options is the XS gift box, this box is the cheapest box we produce, it is still a great gift, but our DELUXE box is amazing.
It is the most expensive but has SO MANY goodies, your mom will be talking about and using/wearing the gifts for a long time. Maybe even until next year, when you order her another box.
EACH year the boxes come with totally different gifts and items.
I forgot to mention, you CUSTOMIZE the boxes to fit the person receiving them.
We have a GREAT team who optimized the information given and selected on the boxes to make the box PERFECT for the person receiving it.
We work so hard to make sure the person getting the box will be HAPPY.
Our team consists of MOMS, GRANDMAS & AUNTS and we are picky so we know what people want.
Seriously, if you want a perfect gift for your mom LOOK no further, we seriously have the best options.
We provide SOFT comfortable clothing as well as gifts we have searched for all year long to provide in the boxes.
So if you are a looking for a gift for
MOM, GRANDMA , AUNT, WIFE or just a friend, we have the perfect gifts for all!
These boxes can literally be customized for anything, we had some ordering for their college student daughters.
We literally have gifts for EVERYONE.
We launch gift boxes in October every year, we launch them for immediate or delayed delivery. If you love to treat yourself then you may want to order a box for yourself! If you want to PRE-ORDER for a person so you don't have to worry about gifts, we let you pick an estimated delivery date. 


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