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Hey y'all!  Take our quiz! Find out which tee BEST fits YOU! :) 

We are going to start blogging ALL the time! ( I say ALL the time so hopefully I keep up ;)         

We have an awesome QUIZ that picks the perfect tee for you! Find out what tee you NEED!
It's quick & Fun! & It's our first blog so let us know what you want to see more of! 

Since we are going to start blogging I am going to tell you guys a little about myself.

I was born and raised in Mena,Arkansas. Most people have no idea where this is, you probably don't either. It's just a small town that I love! I love traveling and vacationing but nothing is like home! Big city life is not for me ! 

I have two boys, one is 3 and one is 9 months! They are a handful and I LOVE it! 

We are super busy ALL the time, it's great. 

I am engaged to the LOVEEEEE of my life and we are getting married NEXT MONTH! 

37 days to be exact! (WOW that is super soon) 


It is not easy, Planning a wedding, running a business, starting new things, and being a mom!

I think the wedding planning has been the hardest! :) 

Hopefully I have everything in check.

We aren't Hispanic but we are having a taco bar and margarita machines at our 

We are also doing beer pong at our reception along with many other things, we like to have fun and be different .

Being normal is not any fun! lol Just a side note

Currently trying to get my 3 year old to eat his dinner, and that is a chore all in itself.

Maybe in 30 minutes he will have his two chicken strip eaten 

Gabriel Clothing Company has been amazing. 

We first started in 2014 as a boutique and have come so far. 

When we started the boutique I was working a 40 hour state job, in college 19 hours and was 5 months pregnant!

Anything is possible when you have a dream!
In these 3 short years we have come so far and cannot wait to see what the future holds for us!

We screen print all of our shirts locally in Arkansas, we use top quality tees,shorts, ect.

We are also bringing back the boutique feel as we are going to start selling some rompers, tops, shorts & kimonos soon! I am excited about that!

I love designing shirts for our shop and love seeing my designs come to life, we have so many new things planned for fall and the holidays! Sorry to go on and on I promise my next blogs will be better!
I just wanted to give a little insight on myself and life so when I tell about my crazy real life stories you guys know I don't make this crap up :) I will also be posting pic & info on all our team members here

Anyways Next blog coming soon! 
peace & xoxo


p.s take our quiz

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