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Low Carb Iifestyle

Posted on June 26 2017

Low Carb Iifestyle

My Low Carb Journey >35lbs down
& A brief story of my low carb journey .

"How did you lose so much weight?" "Girl, are you even eating?" "What are you eating?" "Are you taking diet pills?"
These are some of the questions I get on a weekly if not daily basis. I have had a lot of people asking my about my weight loss, and as you can see from the picture I am far from skinny, but I am Happy & Healthy! 
I do eat & I have not ever taken diet pills. Everything I have lost has been the result of eating healthy and working out.

I was hesitant about posting pictures but I decided I would go for it, so you can see how much weight I have really lost. 
The picture on the left is about 10 days after I had my second baby, the picture on the right is about 3 weeks ago. (there is a better view of the picture below! 

After I had my second baby, Hendrix, I weighted 160-165ish & I was not happy about it. I had never weighed that much and wanted to get back to a comfortable weight for myself. I set my goal at 135 pounds , which I thought then was unreachable.


My friend had been talking about this work out class she went to and asked if I would like to join, & I love working out and running so I agreed to join! In November 2016 I started working out with Ashley Sullivan her link is below! 

She does work out classes & Personal training. I joined the three day a week workout class.  The workouts were great, they were intense and I knew that they were going to help me to tone and to lose weight. 

After a few weeks of workout class I decided that I was going to start eating really healthy, after all the hard work at the work out classes it was essential that I eat healthy also.  I had heard Ashley and some of the girls in my workout class  talk about carbs and eating low carb, so I decided I would do some research on low carb.

Whem I searched low carb diet and seen the food choices I was hesitant, I was unsure If I could give up all the sweet tea, pizza, chips, tacos, cake, cookies, ice cream, candy, and rice! I then looked on facebook and joined some low carb groups there. I begin to see all of the before and after pictures of people who did low carb. Men & Women losing 10, 20,30, even 60lbs! 
When I seen the results I decided I had to try it. I talked with Taylor (my fiance) & he was skeptical at first but he is very supportive so he said he would also go on the diet with me. ( not that he needed to lose any weight but he was working out a lot and getting healthier) 

It's so hard to start. Where to start is the question... what food will you cook... what can you eat...
We decided we would start off easy and do basic things.
We started with Grilled Chicken & Sauteed Veggies, I love both so it was very easy for me to eat this. To be honest with you we ate this for probably the first 7 days. Breakfast I would drink a zeal shake (protien & wellness mixed together) then Lunch I would have lunch meat and some cheese and veggies. Dinner would be chicken and veggies. It was super hard to stick with the diet at first, I wanted immediate results & cookies
But after the first two weeks I felt so much better and had lost some weight and was sticking with it! I felt so much better health wise, I didn't have any bloating , no stomach aches, no fatigue. I just felt good! I was really surprised at this as I hadn't even thought that I would just feel better overall.  
When I started I first, I cut out the obvious things, bread, tortillas, sweets, and started to only drink water!

Drinking lots and lots of water is also key! I try to drink 8 bottles of water a day. Which will also get easier and come more natural as you continue low carb! 

I was a huge lover of sweet tea and didn't think I would make it, but I haven't had sweet tea in over 7 months! I don't even want it anymore! The cravings will get better! You will eventually just be okay with eating healthy. We do have cheat meal once a week (saturday) which is AMAAAAZING! 
Eating Healthy and low carb will just natural to you after a while. 
I did low carb super strict for two months then would fall off the wagon for a week or so due to going out of town or trips, but then I would get back on and continue to eat healthy! There are several low carb facebook groups and pages that answer questions, will help you with recipes and lots more! Working out is also key in losing weight I think, since we are so busy we have bought gym equiptment and I work out at home. I do lots of squatssssss lol! But I do 300 core everyday (or try to) 

Today I started my 1 month until the wedding and mexico! So I am doing core, squats and cardio everyday, along with low cab! I will post before and after pics when we reach that point. 

Since Life has gotten so busy we eat out a lot but there are HEALTHY choices at restaurants!!
Chicken and veggies, salads, burgers without buns, steak and mexican food! Get food without rice, without tortillas it still tastes amazing!!!
Turkey burgers are really healthy alternatives to hamburgers. 

Don't eat chips! Chips are BADDDDD and you can't ever just have one.  lol so don't pick them up!
I am by no means a health expert or anything so do your own research but for me this is what has worked!
I reached my goal 2 months ago! & am currently 129lbs (WOO HOO)
I maintain my weight really well now, even if I eat bad for a few days I don't gain any weight . I think it's all about getting to a weight your body is comfortable at and to never just completely fall off the wagon. Eating healthy is not only beneficial for your health but does help keep the lbs off! 
Remember weight fluctuates, when I am about to start my period I will gain 4-5lbs but then it's gone when my period is. I always weigh myself first thing in the morning, I also weigh myself everyday which is probably weird but I do it anyways. 
If you have ever thought about doing low carb then do it! Give it a try! 

I lost over 30lbs in 4-5 months, I'm not exactly sure because I just kind of did it. 

I remember the scale going down, down, down and bam hit 129, not only meeting my goal weight but passing it.
Here are some snacks I eat low carb

Pepperoni and salami are really good snacks! (turkey pepperoni is really good too)  



Cheese sticks ( like not fried cheese sticks)

Atkins bars 
fit peanut butter (powder)


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