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Anxiety & Tanning Beds...

Posted on June 23 2017

Anxiety & Tanning Beds...

Hey y'all! Today is FRIDAY (thank the Good Lord) I slept in today, miraculously our kids slept in too! So that was a nice FRIDAY treat. I sit here debating whether I should tan because I haven't tanned in two weeks, and my wedding is soon. I normally only tan for a month and then it's summer and I'm outside enough to stay really tan, we have a pool, and we have only swam 3 times this year. We are SOOO busy, sometimes it sucks. 

While I'm typing this I'm thinking a canoe trip this coming week is a must! Or maybe even sunday, if it doesnt rain.....but I think it's going to rain the WHOLE weekend. What a bummer!

Back to tanning, I only tan in the stand up bed at the tanning saloon as I am super weird about laying in a bed.

 LIKE GROSS. Sorry, but just think about all the sweaty naked bodies that have laid there. OMG! Even though you can clean the bed, no matter how good I could clean it I would still have anxiety about laying there.

One day someone was in the Stand up bed & for some crazy bizarre reason  I decided I would go to the lay down bed. ( i know.. sick, nasty,gross)

So as soon as I walked in the door my anxiety kicked in, I sprayed the bed with the cleaner, wiped it down, sprayed it again and again. 3 times to be exact

Then I decided it was clean enough to lay down. 

As soon as I started my 20 minute journey in this tanning bed I started thinking the following

-who was here before me?

-what if they had a disease? 

-what if they did have a disease and I didnt clean the bed good enough?

-omg how long have i been in here ( like 5 minutes in)

-maybe the timer is stuck?

-ewww my butt is soooo sweaty!!!

-I bet so many sweaty nasty butts have laid here

-should I just get up?

-maybe i'm almost done

-let me look..

-wait should i open my eyes?

-12.32 minutes left geez are you kidding me?

-maybe ill just take a nap

-omg so sweaty

-hmmm I wonder what I'll eat for dinner tonight

-dang its so hot in here 

& I keep asking myself why I don't just buy a tanning bed and but it in my work out room, but I literally never tan. With the wedding coming up and going to mexico in a month, I want to be tannnnn! 

On another note, send me your wedding tips, ideas, reminders and any helpful things you would like to send :) 

peace & xoxox


On a side note, I did go tan today, in the stand up bed of course. Now I smell like burnt skin and tanning lotion #winning 


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